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Forms Management

                                   forms man'ij-ment
Carol Printing Business Forms Management is a dynamic program designed to achieve real savings through greater efficiencies in the design, control, utilization, purchase and storage of your business forms systems.  Our program is extremely flexible.  Our staff, after a brief analysis, can advise a plan to fit your exact requirements.

We can determine how much actual assistance you need from us in such collateral areas as:  forms analysis and design, specification writing, and forms consolidation and elimination studies.

A creative and flexible program, not pre-defined, that allows adjustment to your specific needs and personnel, so that the end result is not OUR program, but YOUR program, a professionally constructed management program for the specific needs of your company.

Ever since Carol's inception in 1913 we have always tried to offer something more than just a "well-printed job at the right price".  Our Customer Service Staff is another step in this direction - to give you something extra for your purchasing dollar.  They are constantly studying the latest developments in the forms management and printing fields in addition to their innovations.  The results of this study will be passed along to you - our customer.

We are here to help you with all your printing needs.                       

    Warehousing/Inventory System

Maintenance of perpetual inventory of your forms offers fully air-conditioned, palletized warehouse facilities. This would necessitate studying your current methods of warehousing and distributing your printed matter.  We will establish a more efficient inventory control over these items, to eliminate waste and rush orders.
* Carol does not charge for warehousing 
   or delivery to your New York office.
* Carol provides timely computer reports stating inventory levels, values & usage, and
   periodic status reviews that allow you to determine the additional control and cost  
   savings generated by our program.

* We provide warehousing for business forms and printed matter to allow conservation
   of your valuable office space and more productive utilization of employees' time.

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